Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I turn 30 today. How fitting the current post is my 130th post. 3 decades. But somehow some parts of me don't feel 30 yet, other parts, ah well... Happy Birthday to me I guess...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello Kitty Gila Sales 2 Coming Soon!

Another Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!

I believe a lot of you girls and guys searching around
where to grab for Hello Kitty items in Malaysia for a really
long time…

And today…

Finally… Hello Kitty Malaysia is here..!

Previously Hello Kitty Malaysia Gila Sales 1 with Bed Room Series
have been launch successfully!

And now they are preparing to launch for Hello Kitty Gila Sales 2!

They are having pre-launch right now and as a special
pre-launch offer, you can have free Cute 3D Hello Kitty
Model at zero cost. If you don’t believe me check it out
for yourself here, while it’s still available:


This special pre-launch offer is valid only till the launch day,
after which it may be taken off completely. Stop reading this now,
and go to the Hello Kitty Malaysia website and claim all the
bonuses now:


If you’re reading this blog post too late, then you may have missed it.
Don’t leave a comment to complain because there’s nothing I can do.
I DID tell you it’s a limited offer :)

Claim This Bonus

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Something So Utterly Revolting...

I usually try to shy away from anything political or any form of racial slander on my blog but what I saw last night on Facebook really disgusted me... I'm pretty sure most netizens out there are aware of the distasteful advert that 8tv has posted up. Not sure what I'm talking about? No worries... here's the link (hopefully it doesn't get removed)...

Tsk, tsk... really 8tv? Just less than one month from the 907 and already you guys trying to spark another outrage among the Malaysians? And I do mean both the Malays and the Non-Malays...

Between the 907 and this... I noticed something. Really guys, is it so darn hard to utter the word "SORRY"? Just one word is all it takes but nuuuuuuuu... Ego banyak besar...

As a non-muslim, I do recall some events too. During my younger schooling days (primary school)... during the fasting month we non-muslims were asked to leave the class should we feel we want to drink water. I guess during that time it was ok because I felt most of my muslim friends were just starting out on their first fasting so it would make sense and we were all kids that time.

Come secondary school, the practice no longer existed as I guess it's probably because they were old enough to resist the temptations. I am a fan of the Ramadan bazaar as we get all the goodies in one place but even then we don't do what is depicted in the video.

Sometimes even at the stalls the vendors actually give out some free samples or when I'm buying a drink, the stall owner will just plunge the straw into the cup assuming I'm going to drink it then and there although I don't. So it goes to show, the malays (well most of them anyway) are fine with us eating or drinking in front of them as they don't except us to do it but it's an unspoken agreement that we do it out of respect and courtesy.

Me and Irene sometimes go up north to spend Raya with a malay friend and sometimes we go a few days before raya and they are still fasting. Please note the place we're staying is a malay village and the parents will prepare breakfast and lunch for us as they don't expect us to fast along with them and they are ok with us eating in the dining hall but we will take our food to our rooms to eat out of respect.

It was funny cause I noticed some comments on FB said that 8TV should come out with an ad to show how other races show act appropriately during other non-muslim festivities i.e. Chinese New Year & Deepavali to even out the score. I doubt that's gonna happen anytime soon seeing they don't even want to admit their mistake and instead asking the rakyat to "chill"...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition: "

Animal abuse is increasingly rampant in Malaysia, with senseless abuses and killings by local councils and cold-blooded people. We must act NOW, and act FAST.

Let's play a role in stopping animal abuse and cruelty! We aim to collect 50,000 signatures ASAP and present it to our Prime Minister.

Please sign the joint online petition by leading Malaysian animal welfare NGOs, and show how much you care about the animals. Spread the word to your friends too.

Together, we can make a difference.

Sign Petition Now:


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Smörgåsbord of Events - Jan 2011

I can't believe I haven't posted an entry since what? January 15th? And we're already on to May.

Hmmm... Where shall I start?

OK. How about something less heavy.

New Sister Blog
Me and Irene C. have started our very own little sideline. Well, she's helping with the editing and PR front of it and I have to do all the manual labour *sobs*... but it's only temporary as we do have plans for her do help out later once she can transfer her artwork onto a smaller canvas. You see, we've started a nail blog. Yes, I am officially a nail blogger hence mostly I will be posting on a regular basis here but I will still maintain this blog for my personal entries.

For more information, do check out the blog itself and please like the Facebook Page too. Thanks in advance for all your support :)

New Job
I did a small mention that I have currently joined a new company. Compared to my previous jobs, this company is relatively smaller but *whew* the job load is much heavier. Technically in every job I've worked at as a consultant, the first two months on the job was mostly a honeymoon period where I had time to sit and learn the ropes with proper documentation and instructions.

Here, I was first offered an option. They wanted to test out my skills and make sure I could do whatever it was that they were hiring me to do so I was basically on contract and the client was my litmus test to see if I made the cut before they offered me the permanent role. Hence, my first day on the job was spent on site (client location) with my own personal laptop and resolving tickets (IT jargon for something's not working somewhere, go fix it!!!)

So yeah, I was basically thrown into the deep end of the sea without a lifebuoy and it was either sink or swim so I decided to swim. Didn't help much that the bulk of the tickets came from the materials end and I was there to assist the already drowning material consultants. Take the load of 'em so to speak.

First Work Trip to JB, Pasir Gudang

On the fourth week on the job, I was sent to Pasir Gudang to do a KT (Knowledge Transfer) from the existing project team for future support role. This happened a week after the bf's return so I also didn't really manage to spend much time with him when he came back.

Day 1
We (me and another two of my new colleagues) took a slow drive down on a Tuesday afternoon and by the time we arrived at the hotel, it was already close to evening. We stayed at the only hotel that was within the proximity of the client and it was called...
Whether or not is was comfortable was something else altogether. It was much larger compared to the other hotels we saw along the way but despite it's huge landscape, sad to say they didn't bother to refurbish the hotel. Rooms were musky and you have to leave the water running for 15mins before you get any hot water. Which is such a waste.

And the key they provided...
I know of budget hotels in Petaling Jaya that cost less than RM100 a night with better keys than this... I guess I'd better stop writing altogether and just let you view the pictures (or what little I took)...
The view from my room

After we were well rested and clean, we ventured out with my trusty GPS (aka my HTC installed Garmin app) and searched for a place to eat. We ended up in a really remote area (at one point where we were wondering if my GPS was taking us for a ride) and ended up eating here...
Restaurant Sin Hui Bin (the Sin is really teeny) 
They were having some promo so we thought we'd try it out. We wanted to take the 4-5 pax meal as our meal was RM75 per meal (for 3) but they told us that we won't be able to finish so dejectedly we took the 2-3 pax instead.

I mean you can't blame us right? Look at the price!!! In KL anything for 3 person that costs RM38++ will never be enough and we'd always just end up taking the bigger portion. But thank goodness we decided to follow the waitresses' advice. The portion was H-U-U-U-G-E (when compared to KL standards).
Yeap, that's what we ordered. Soup was complimentary. So we ordered one brocolli with scallop, tofu with chicken and some mix veggies and steamed fish in thai style (I think). For the same portion, in KL would've costs us what? RM60? RM70? Trust me the portion was huge.... It just look teeny cos of the way I angled my camera to take in the full dish. Don't believe me? Here....
That's the size of the dishes compared to my rice bowl...

And the total bill came up to this...
Yes!!!! For three person... who were very full and satisfied!!! The food was delicious!!!

Day 2
We got up early, had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel which was as normal and plain (and tasteless) as any hotel can get and made our way to the client's site. This time my trusty GPS failed me as the client's address was not found!!!! WTF? I need to update my map. We still managed to find it with little difficulty.

Thank goodness we asked them for a map in case.
The smell of petroleum was sooooo thick in the air I thought I was gonna get an asthma attack. Lunch was just Pizza Hut since it was the closest (near our hotel and office) so it was nothing out of the ordinary anyway.

I did see some cute stuffs at the client's meeting room tho...
 When was the last time you saw these babies???

After work we decided to try our luck and find the Zon... It was very far... and soooo not worth the trip
If you're not staying at Batam or Singapore for four days don't even bother making a trip here. You won't be allowed to bring any alcohol or ciggies out with you without getting taxed... :(

We had our dinner nearby and the food was nice but more expensive than in Pasir Gudang... One thing I noticed, the Chinese Restaurants here in Pasir are all halal!!!! Y-E-S! OMG rite?
Clockwise L-R: Our standard leafy green stir fried with garlic. Oyster omellete which looks horrendous but was much better in taste compared to KL. Japanese tofu with erm, I think it was salted egg and brocolli. This was very unique and nice. And the finale was dear meat fried kung pou style (since we cudn't have pork).

Day 3
Ok. Really nothing much to tell. I'll put em in captions under the pictures.
It was threatening to pour when we were about to leave McD's after lunch.
That was how many bottles of water we consumed trying to hydrate ourselves from the pungent smell of the petroleum which clogged our throats.
We decided to eat back at Sin Hui Bin for cheap and good food cos we were tired of driving so far out for food. 
I decided to check out the swimming pool which closes at 7pm so I wonder who will have the time to swim as most of the lodgers I noticed were working people.
There was some refining process going on at the factories near our hotel and I could see the furnace burning from my room window. Yes, that's how near we were to the factories...
Day 4 lunch was yet again eaten at Sin Hui Bin before we proceed to make our way back to home sweet home...

I do apologise for the long post. I will try to post up more happenings on Feb and Mar soon... >.<
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